Who is the villain after Marvel Thanos

Marvel’s 10-Year Story Ended With Thanos. Since 2008, Marvel was in a Major Final War Account. So Who Will Be The Evil Character In The Marvel World From Now On? We are unable to give an exact answer for now, but there are a few theories.

Who is Thanos from the MARVEL Universe?

Avengers: Endgame, the last movie of the 22-movie series of MARVEL Cinema Universe, was released on April 26. Shocked with the finale of Infinity War, we have been producing scenarios for what we can see in Endgame ever since.

Thanos, also known as Mad Titan, is a character with endless life force. It was created by Jim Starlin and Mike Friedrich and first appeared in Iron Man’s 55th issue in 1973. The main features of Thanos are super power, super speed and unlimited life. In addition, Thanos has manipulative, telepathic and telekinetic abilities. Thanos has increased its powers by absorbing cosmic energies over the years and has become even more terrible and powerful. For example, he absorbed Infinity Gauntlet with Thanos powers and gained even more strength.

Thanos is constantly having nightmares because of someone trying to kill him when he was just a baby, a newborn. Sui-San and other friends, who were closed to a Titan mental organization, caused Thanos’ childhood to go through constant traumas. Although he escaped from this institute, he never forgets that his friends were eaten by lizards. Although Thanos is seen as a “killer” in the Titans realm, it is actually killing the lizards that killed his friends. At least it was for that period. This “will to kill” later pushed Thanos to kill the Eternals.

Thanos And After

Who is the villain after Marvel Thanos

New Heroes And A New Age Begins. So Which Character is Heading the New Heroes of the New Era? The answer is actually very close – Galactus!

The universe is first in a small mass, where matter is fully concentrated, in Marvel this form is called the Cosmic Egg. Then, with the Big Bang, all of the stuff on this Cosmic Egg forum begins to expand, expanding and growing for billions of years, just like in the Marvel Universe in our universe, and then returning back to the form of Cosmic Egg with an event called Big Crunch billions of years later. Here is Galactus, the last to survive in this old universe.

Galactus, Eternity and Death are the most basic beings of the universe. While Death and Eternity are the opposite of each other, Galactus is the middle of these two characters.

After the explosion, Galactus was drifting in space with his ship remaining from his old life, not finding his full form in space. It is discovered by Ecce. Ecce understands that Galactus has unlimited power and will have to consume the planet in order to feed his stomach in the future.

In The Role Of A Stronger Villain Than Galactus Thanos Character. Galactus, One of the Most Powerful Villains of the Marvel World, is Expected to be the Mounting Point of the New Marvel Series According to Many Theories.

Deadpool thanos

One of Thanos’s most important motivations in Marvel comics is the love of Death, a very powerful being that represents the end of everything. It was this obsession that fueled most of the Crazy Titan stories in the comics.

In HQ Deadpool: The End # 1, he is a mercenary who managed to conquer Death. In the new episode, the anti-hero tries to deceive Death and live forever. Instead, he finds his daughter Ellie.

It turns out that Deadpool is now trying to save old Ellie from Death. For the benefit of her daughter, she decides to accept the end. Deadpool and Death manage the Kingdom together while Ellie goes somewhere better.

The character remembers that Death will probably get tired of him one day, but this is not seen at the end of the comic.

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