White driver crushes black protester in US

Violence is growing in anti-racist actions that began after George Floyd is strangled by the police. In California, a white driver crushed black protester Robert Forbes in his car and killed him. The man, who was not taken into police custody, leaned against his car and smoked as if nothing had happened after the incident.

Killer white driver

While the police murder of George Floyd in the US state of California, a 50-year-old white driver crashed black protester Robert Forbes with his car.

Protester lost his life

Forbes, seriously injured, remained on the ground in blood. Although the black protester was hospitalized after the first intervention at the scene, he could not be saved and lost his life.

The white driver, whose name was not learned, leaned against his car and smoked a cigarette after the incident. Other protesters, who reacted to the police not to detain the driver, marched on the man. The police took the man in the circle and protected him.

Investigating the incident, Robert Forbes’ nephew, who lost his life while not detaining the driver because he did not exceed the speed limit and use drugs, said that the white driver intentionally crushed and killed the uncle of the white driver. It was stated that the investigation is continuing.

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