The image that marked the US Protests!

The image that marked the protests! The way the police officer intervened in the female activist got a big reaction. US Police violence does not stop!

US Police hurts activists and women

In the ongoing protests following George Floyd’s death as a result of police violence, a police officer’s response to the activist woman had a great reaction. The manner in which the police officer wanted the handcuff to be handcuffed was described as “intent on social media”.

The protests intensify after the black George George is killed by police violence in the USA. The protests, which continue with the slogan “BlackLivesMatter” all over the world, have turned the US streets into a war zone. An image from the protests was on the social media agenda. An American police intervention style responded to one of the women activists.


The woman activist, who participated in anti-racist protests in the USA, faced the harsh intervention of the police. The way of intervention of the police, who wanted to reverse the woman lying on the ground, was talked about a lot. The activist woman, who the police officer wanted to neutralize, reacted.


Spread from the parody social media account opened under the name of the famous US actress Robert De Niro, the video soon became on the agenda of social media. While most of the users thought the police officer was intentional, a minority supported the police officer.

George Floyd funeral farewell

The last farewell was to the “George Floyd” funeral, brutally murdered by the US Police. George, who managed to be the symbol of anti-racist actions in the USA, has been said in the hope that he will always be remembered with hope. The US should stop racism now. Critical remarks about Masonic clowns were expressed at the funeral.

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