Social media phenomenon “coconut kitty” was on the agenda with half naked photograph

The social media phenomenon “Coconut kitty” became the agenda in social media with half naked photography. The Instagram phenomenon, known for its coconut nickname, attracts attention with its hot photos.

Being a Phenomenon with Coconut kitty Nickname

With the nickname “Coconut kitty”, social media celebrities who have over 1 million followers on Instagram earn high money on the internet.

A young social media influencer grown her Instagram account @coconutkitty143 to over a million followers by posting her photos since 2015. She has also grown her backup account @coconuttitty. 

Besides being an influencer, she’s also draw paintings which gets posted on her art account on Insta @cocoart143. Also, she has shared some of her own poems initially on her main account.

She also has a blog for sharing the work of paintings and poetry.

She also uploaded a couple of videos on her self-titled youtube channel.

It has a rapidly growing audience especially thanks to the photos it shares in social media. Thanks to the high number of followers in Instagram, he is doing modeling works with many brands. Thanks to his own followers, he shares his own photos on paid subscription sites.

Half-naked photos shared on Instagram became the agenda on social media

Coconut kitty Instagram photos are shared again by many followers. Especially his half naked photo started to be shared on many social media sites. Especially many of his male followers love these photos.

The social media celebrity, who  continues to be famous with the nickname “coconut kitty” on the Internet, earns money with his unique paintings. There is an e-commerce site that sells its own paintings. He started to earn high fees thanks to the sale of his paintings, which reflect his style, over the internet.

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