Russia: racism and police arbitrariness became systematic in the USA

Gatilov, Permanent Representative of Russia’s UN Geneva Office, stated that racism, police arbitrariness and lawlessness in the USA have become systematic, and that possible consequences should be taken into account if this approach is raised to the level of political doctrine.

Russia: US Statement

Gennadiy Gatilov, Russia’s Permanent Representative to the UN Geneva Office, said at the 43rd UN Human Rights Council session: “Racism, police arbitrariness and lawlessness have become systematic in the USA. Washington has been condemning the justified criticism of the international community for decades. Problems continue to increase by accumulating. ”

Reminding that his country has repeatedly tried to draw the attention of the Human Rights Council and other international human rights institutions to the factors that led to the killing of black George Floyd by the police, the Russian diplomat said:

“Russia knows very well what racism can raise to the level of political doctrine. We remember attempts to rewrite the lessons and history of the Second World War. The irreconcilable struggle against modern forms of racism, including ugly ones like neonasism, should be a priority for the whole world. ”

Noting that the USA continues to criticize other countries on human rights, but refuses to participate in most of the international human rights treaties and boycotts the work of the UN Human Rights Council, Gatilov said, “The current situation in the USA is a“ frightening warning ”. During protests, violence and vandalism are unacceptable and must be punished by law. But if a society model based on real equality and respect was built without discrimination, chauvinism and racial intolerance, all this could be prevented. ”

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