Promising Jessica Lopez’s excitement: I’m going to undress

Exciting promise from the hip champion phenomenon Jessica Lopes: I’m going to undress. The phenomenon says that beautiful hips should be valued in the world.

Jessica Lopes undress for Fans

Jessica Lopes, the first champion of the hip contest in the UK known as Chelsea supporter, is getting ready to return to football very quickly after the coronavirus pandemic. The famous phenomenon promised to undress the fan after the team’s first win.

Lopes, who has lived in England for 6 years, made a promise to excite the fans if Chelsea win their first game in the post-coronavirus Premier League.

Lopes promised that Chelsea will celebrate the victory by losing it from their social media account if it reaches 3 points in its first game.

The successful model, which previously attracted attention with its action by undressing in front of the London Parliament Building, stated that Chelsea would be dismissed if they were Premier League champions at the beginning of the season.

The model, originally Brazilian and living in the UK for six years, said that she was following Chelsea matches and could do anything for her team’s success.

Hip Champion Jessica

Representing the UK in the best hip contest held in Mexico in September 2019 and third in the competition, Lopes came to England for cure by cervical cancer 6 years ago and continued to stay here after regaining her health.

Jessica Lopes says there are many ways to make fans happy. He says that he will open his beautiful hips for the world, especially in the face of his team’s success. If Chealse wins, he says he’s happy like a child.

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