Galina Dub Hot Poses

Famous Russian Beautiful “Galina Dub” He often started talking about his name with his poses.
The famous Russian beauty made this job a profession. In particular, there are big gains behind taking hot pictures.
Russian model born in 1995. It is also known as galina dubenenko and galyusha dub.

Who is Galina Dub

Galina Dub is one of Instagram celebrities. Born in 1995, he is a model for many magazines and clothing companies other than social media. Among the beautiful girls of the Russians, she finds a lot of place during this period. On the other hand, the young model started to make big gains at this age.
Galina Dub, on the other hand, had actor attempts at a young age, but all of these resulted in failure.
Galina Dub’s December earnings on Instagram are exactly $ 21K.
On the other hand, the Russian model has posed for many companies in America.
On the other hand, although his real name is “galina dubenenko”, he uses his name as Galina Dub.

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