From Victoria Secret Angels: Lais Ribeiro Against Racism Support

Brazilian model “Lais Ribeiro”, one of Victoria’s secret models, announced that it supports racism. In particular, they expressed as crazy people for President Donald Trump and his team.

Victoria's Secret Angel: Lais Ribeiro

Brazilian model “Lais Ribeiro” expressed support for anti-racist actions. He stated that racism, which still continues in the 21st century, should end soonly. In particular, he accused President Trump and his team of being insane.

The beautiful model stated that it is correct to continue anti-racist actions in Brazil through her Instagram account. However, he also stated that the protests that people will perform without the security precautions in the danger of coronavirus carry quite deadly risks. The beautiful model “Lais Ribeiro” is among the most liked models in Victoria secret.

Lais Ribeiro said that the actions of the Brazilian people are more than the people of the United States. Especially in many of the actions within the US, looting appears. Many workplaces have become a frequent destination for thieves.

Lais Ribeiro is Beautiful to be the Victoria's Secret Angel

It is shown as one of the most beautiful for Victoria Secret models for Lais Ribeiro. Especially brazilian model is often compared with Adriana Lima from the same country.

“Lais Ribeiro”, one of the models earning the highest income among Victoria’s Secret Angels, said that she wanted to help out of the money she earned. He stated that he would make a donation especially for anti-racist activists. The termination of racism in the United States stated that it would make a more beautiful and livable place for the world.

Model Ribeiro, which has gained a world reputation with Victoria Secret, is now among the most paid models. The 29-year-old model is expected to sign deals with larger advertising companies. Especially being one of the Victoria’s Secret Angels made her more famous.

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