Flash coronavirus claim from the USA: we have evidence

In the US, Republican senator Rick Scott has claimed that China is sabotaging the vaccine production process developed against the corona virus. “We need to do this vaccine, but we have evidence that communist China is sabotaging it and slowing it down,” Scott said.

America Coronavirus Claim Brings Sound

In the US, Republican Senator Rick Scott brought up a flash claim regarding China today. Speaking to the British media agency BBC, Scott suggested that the Chinese government is sabotaging the vaccination process that Western countries are under development against Covid-19.

Speaking to the BBC, Scott said, “We need to produce this vaccine. Unfortunately there is evidence that communist China is sabotaging or slowing down this process. China does not want us to be the first country to develop this vaccine. They want to be hostile to the American people and democracy in the world. ”


Scott did not give detailed information about the intelligence report he brought up. Scott said, “This vaccine is of great importance for us to recover our economy. It doesn’t matter whether we develop or the British develop, we will share this vaccine. Communist China will not share this. ”

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