Female police horror in the USA!

Female police horror in the USA! He poured bullets on the falcata man walking on him. An investigation was launched into the incident.

Hot woman police horror in the USA

The United States is again shaken by a police violence incident. In the incident that took place this time in Los Angeles, the 23-year-old woman police shot and killed the man who was walking towards him with a falcata and did not obey the “stop” warning.

The 23-year-old Los Angeles police officer was sued by the man’s 14-year-old daughter for killing Daniel Hernandez, who was walking toward him with a falcata in his hand. In particular, the allegations of racism words from social media accounts were included in the news.

Toni McBride, considered the “star cops” of the Los Angeles Police Department, was brought to court after the appearance of body camera footage.

In the footage shot in downtown Los Angeles in April, it is heard that 23-year-old McBride tells Daniel Hernandez to drop the “hound in hand”.


The images also show that McBride fired his gun four times, and Daniel Hernandez fell down, firing two more shots at the man who did not leave the rifle in the hands of the police officer.

Hernandez’s 14-year-old daughter sued the Los Angeles Police Department on the grounds that McBride had a ‘reckless tendency to violence and murder’ and fired unfairly.

The Hernandez family says that the use of force by the police is something that the black and Latin people have been exposed to and dealt with for decades.

Social media accounts of the female police officer were examined. Especially the claim that there are sexual intercourse offers for money in social media accounts has become an agenda in social media. The incident about the female police officer is expected to be announced soon.


“Do we really want the police officers to act like gunslingers? Or do we want them to protect and serve us?” Said Arnoldo Casillas, the lawyer representing the Hernandez family, telling LA Times. Police forces argued that McBride’s use of force was justified.

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