Class roots of racism in America

The history of America is the history of immigration. Kristof Columbus, whose task was to open new trade routes, thought he was India when he set foot on the continent. For this reason, the discovery title of the New World was left to Amerigo Vespucci. The continent’s name was also America.

The real place of racism in America

With the new discovery, colonialism, which had an appetite, plundered underground and aboveground riches and carried terrible massacres while moving to Europe. Aztecs and Incas in the south, Indians in the north were genocide. Portuguese, Spanish, British and French colonialism began to colonize on the continent. Labor power was tried to be provided by indigenous peoples. But the pace of development required much more slaves. The eyes were turned to the African continent. Blacks of Africa, Europe’s reserve slave warehouse, would move to the new world this time. The subcontractor of this business would be French traders.

Most of the slaves who moved to America died of illness and neglect on their long voyage. Those who managed to reach the continent would be the chain windlass of the landowners. Agricultural plantations would be established with the labor and blood of slaves. According to the white colonialists who retain supremacy, science and weapon superiority; black slaves and wild natives were creatures that God punished on earth. They were acceptable to buy and sell with animals.

In short, the discovery of the continent and the construction of the new world, at the beginning, took its thrust without exploitation and plunder. The superiority of the white, Anglo-Saxon race has created its own religious, philosophical and ideological field within the relations of production. Therefore, immigration to America is also a migration of racism that started with colonialism. While Europe imported wealth from the new world, it imported racism to it.


Americans call the action of mass murder by torturing, burning and hanging. The tradition of “Lincylings” draws its inspiration from medieval Europe. After the abolition of slavery in America, lynches were seen in Southern states. The aim was to suppress black’s demand for social equality and to reinforce slavery. The execution scenes where the courts were disabled would reach up to taking commemorative photos. So much so that there would be lynching scenes on postcards sent on celebration days! The lynches were also applied to Catholic and Jewish white immigrants from Europe. Ku Klax Clan gangs worked like execution squads. Goal; To preserve the dominance areas of the Anglo-Saxon / Protestant race, and not to lose the calf to the nudist of social and class superiority! This tradition, which targets more blacks, continued until the 1960s.

The killing of George Floyd by police violence and show today must have reminded the descendants of the slaves of the “Lincylings” tradition. Undoubtedly, these historical codes are at the root of the last social revolt. Compare the facial expression of the lynchists in the photo taken in Minnesota / Duluth in 1920 to the facial expression of the police who killed George Floyd in Minnesota / Minneapolis in 2020; you will understand what i mean.


The persecution of black people in the South increased migration to the north. In the mixed cities of the North, the “protection” reflex of whites themselves from blacks developed. While looking at the cultural aspects of this, one should not skip the class causes. Because the “protection” reflex was essentially a manifestation of escaping social equality and property sharing.

USA: Witch hunt

The 1917 October Revolution, the rising wave of international workers’ movement and socialism in the world was another source of motivation for American racism. Especially the “second red panic” launched in the McCarthy period of the 1940s was turned into a “witch hunt” for communists and democrats. Blacks were in the target pot again. The “preventive war doctrine” put forward by Bush after September 11, this time the Muslim immigrant communities set the target next to the blacks.

In a nutshell: American racism continues to threaten the poor classes as a keen hatred of bourgeois property. The last revolt surrounding the U.S. cities and gaining the support of the peoples of the world is beating the castles of racism as an original form of class struggle.

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